Thon My Thi

Located south of Da Nang near Marble Mountain, Thon My Thi was part of the NSAH MEDCAP. Larger villages often had MEDCAP teams residing in their villages, but villagers of Thon My Thi were treated by NSAH. Several Thon My Thi children were admitted to NSAH when they could not be treated as outpatients. One young girl had a case of Tetanus, and the young man pictured with me had a Gastrointestinal infection.

Miss World, Madeline Hartog Bell

Miss World, Madeline Hartog Bell

Miss World, Madeline Hartog Bell, paid the young girl a visit when she first arrived at the hospital, in December of 1967.

Thon My Thi children ran around like kids do anywhere in the world, amusing themselves in front of me each time I went to the village. Here, I took a picture of kids playing by me at the pagoda.

The village had only one store not far from the Ho Chi Minh Trail.
I really enjoyed treating the people of Thon My Thi!

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