In Loving Honor: Webb J. Digh

Twenty-one year old SSgt. Webb J. Digh was Flight Engineer and Top Turret Gunner on this B-17’s last flight. The plane was shot down over Steyre, Austria, on February 24, 1944. It was over a year later that crew members verified that SSGT. Webb J. Digh went down with the plane along with three other crew members. The remaining crew were held as Prisoners of War by the Germans until that area was liberated. A News release was given detailing the return of Webb’s body to his in family back in North Carolina.

nc_mf_011SSGT. Webb J. Digh was honored on Veteran’s Day, November 11th, 2001, by American Legion Post 299 and VFW 11546, Chino California, where he is the Post’s POW/MIA/KIA. Webb served with the Army Air Corps (present day USAF) in the 49th AAF Bomb Squadron. SSGT. Digh’s air crew wings are with me now. My son, Michael, is in possession of the NARA-MACR-2619 crash report (copy).

Many men and women, just like SSGT. Webb Digh, gave all they had when they gave their lives in the name of freedom. God Bless America, our Military, and our Veterans.

2 thoughts on “In Loving Honor: Webb J. Digh

  1. Robin Upchurch

    I was given the privilege to read these crash reports and was so impressed, not only by the fact that these documents are now available, but too, in the fact that the stories are being given attention here! Thank you. Their history’s live on for these proud families.


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