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Our family, like so many others, has a proud history of serving our country, as well as helping others. From Private John Rockett, who entered the Revolutionary War in 1778 at age sixteen, to my son, Michael J. Rockett (pictured left), who entered the U.S. Coast Guard in 1990 at age eighteen. He now works for a major telecommunications company in Dallas, Texas, where he lives with his wife, children, and new grandchild.

Corporal Julius Palmer Digh

Corporal Julius Palmer Digh

My Grandfather, Corporal Julius Palmer Digh, served in the United States Army during World War I (Europe) along with his brother and was awarded the Purple Heart for taking a non-fatal bullet to the head.

Sadly, his son Webb Digh, a WWII B-17 Tailgunner, would be killed in action over Steyre, Austria on February 24, 1944 and declared MIA for some time.
Webb’s brother, Charles, who also served in a B-17 over Europe during WWII, made it home safe and sound! Julius’ youngest son, LT. Col. Ned Palmer served in Korea as Company Commander 1st Cavalry, and in Vietnam, as district advisor in delta. He also served in 101st airborne at Fort Campbell, Kentucky and duty at the Pentagon, Washington, D.C.

My father, TSgt. James Theodore Rockett, served in the 295th Heavy Ordinance in WWII Europe, keeping General Patton’s troops supplied with Arms and Ammunition. Pops died several years ago in Morganton, North Carolina, after a well-fought bout with Cancer.

I served as a Navy Corpsman in DaNang during the Vietnam War.

3 thoughts on “Military Family

  1. Christopher Kerr

    That picture of Michael Rockett was taken on November 2, 1990 at Kilo 134 boot camp graduation.

    Have you ever wondered who that young sailor is with him on the right?

    well, it’s me!

    I went to the cutter Bristol Bay and I think he went to a station in the ninth district ….Milwaukee I think

  2. Regina busten

    My brother was KIA 1967 at Khe Sanh combat base station I think.I don’t have any pictures dont know much about his time there his name is Curtis D Jackson corpsmen with 3\26


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