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1967 Bop Hope Christmas USO Tour

The tour covered Vietnam, Thailand, U.S.S. Ranger and Coral Sea, Philippines, Guam, Midway. The following guest stars appeared:

  • Bob Hope
  • Les Brown
  • Phil Crosby
  • Elaine Dunn
  • Madeleine Hartog-Bel
  • Barbara McNair
  • Raquel Welch
  • Earl Wilson

I went to the Bob Hope USO show in Da Nang, Vietnam, in December of 67′. It was so incredibly crowded that two Marines hoisted me up, so I could take a picture of Bob Hope. From my viewpoint, Bob was about 1″ tall and had a red baseball cap on. Despite our view, we appreciated all that Bob Hope did for us out there.

I hitched a ride back to the Station Hospital aboard a deuce and a half truck. Later that day, a helicopter arrived with a portion of the USO tour members, including Madeleine Hartog Bell. She graciously took this picture with me in front of the Station Hospital. I will always remember her warm personality and friendly manner. She was a brave young lady to enter an advanced combat area in order to boost the morale of our troops.

Photo of Freedom Hill PX with USO sign and III MAF Special Services Van.